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Project Description
This project is related to The Byte Kitchen Blog (at It typically deals with Windows 8 apps, DirectX, and the Kinect for Windows.

This project is entirely made up of subprojects, is has no code of its own. Short descriptions of the subprojects are below. The section headers are hyperlinks to the respective subproject wikipages

The Byte Kitchen Libs, including the WinRT DirectX Bus

The WinRT DirectX Bus makes it easier to create DirectX applications. It provides basic facilities such as a 3D Device, Context, SwapChain and the like. A developer just creates components, such as a camera, a cube, an avatar, etc. and the code in the library will call its Load, Initialize, Update and Render methods. See the wiki page for more information (the section header is the link).

Other libraries included are DiscreteMedianFilter, which filters jitter out of the Kinect depth data, and rlecodec, a Run Length Encoding (de)compression library.

Kinect Client Server System

This system shows 'Kinect for Windows' data in a WinRT application. Using the keyboard, you can navigate through the scene that is registered by the Kinect.

Version 0.2 has been released. Please find details in three blog posts:

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