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3D-TV Manual

3D-TV is a remote client for viewing integrated Kinect Color and Depth data. The intended use is to run 3D-TV on one PC (the client) and to run the KinectColorDepthServer software on another PC (the server) to which a Kinect has been attached. The client and the server are to be connected by gigabit Ethernet.


Server requirements

In order to run the KinectColorDepthServer application on your server PC, the following steps are required:

  1. download and install the Kinect runtime.
  2. Download and install the DirectX end-user runtime (June 2010), if required.
  3. Download the KinectColorDepthServer executable.
  4. Install the applicable VC++ redistributable (included in the KinectColorDepthServer package)
  5. Copy the server executable and DLL to a suitable location on your pc.
  6. Connect your Kinect for Windows.
  7. Configure a Gigabit LAN adapter to use ip4 address 3D-TV is hardcoded configured to connect to that ip4 address. Typical network throughput is larger than 100Mbit/s.
  8. Connect the cable to your client pc, directly or indirectly.
  9. Double click KinectColorDepthServerApp.exe.

The KinectColorDepthServer application should now display a message stating that it is waiting for connections.

Client requirements

In order to run the 3D-TV application on your client PC, the following steps are required:

  1. Download and install 3D-TV from the Windows Store.
  2. Assure you are connected by Gigabit LAN connection to the server machine, and the KinectColorDepthServer application is running.
  3. Click the 3D-TV icon on the Start screen, 3D-TV should start up.
  4. Click the Start button, 3D-TV should show a Progress ring and a few messages informing you of its progress in initialization. Instead of clicking or tapping the Start button, you can use the Space bar or Enter key on your keyboard.
  5. After some initialization time, the screen should show you Kinect 3D images.
  6. Click or tap the Stop button to end the current run.

In case an error occurs, 3D-TV displays a red popup window, showing the last error message it received. If there are several error messages, you can browse them using the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons at the bottom of the error popup.



Once the client is rendering Kinect frames, you can navigate through the scene.

  • Use the arrow buttons to retarget the virtual camera.
  • Alternatively use the A, D keys to turn left and right.
  • Alternatively  use the R, F keys to turn up and down.
  • Use the W, S keys to move forward an backward.

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